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Back Pain


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What causes the lower back to go into spasm?

Find out why your back goes into painful spasms
In this article our aim is to provide clarity over the root underlying cause for why the lower back goes into spasm so people are informed and can prevent recurrences

Should I play golf with a sore back?

Struggling to decide to play golf this weekend?
After treating hundreds of passionate golfers for back pain, one of the most common forms of feedback we receive is that sometimes golf makes you feel better, whilst other times it leaves you in terrible pain for days.

Think Postural strength and symmetry NOT core strength to fix chronic back pain.

Find out the correct strengthening techniques to fix chronic lower back pain
Whilst the muscles we outlined earlier in this article, defined as core muscles hold their importance, it is imperative to understand that effective functional compound exercises that target the major postural muscles of the body, also strengthen these core muscles.

Standard physio and chiro does not strengthen your back, hence why the pain continues to return

There are two core elements to chronic back pain
As chronic back pain specialists we see countless patients who have spent years receiving standard physio and chiro treatments in the hope of finding a lasting solution to their condition.

Are heat ointments good for your back pain

Find out if heat ointments could be beneficial to you.
The blood rushing to the surface of the skin, along with the irritation create the hot sensation. Muscles will also warm up in the process of blood rushing to the area, which is why the use of heat ointments are so prevalent in sporting change rooms.

Ice or Heat for Back Pain?

How to determine if you should use Ice or Heat
There is a lot of conflicting information as to whether ice or heat is better for back pain.

Learn what this Back Specialist did to fix his chronic, debilitating back pain.

Want to know how I fixed my Back Pain?
The following extremely unique treatment approach permanently fixed my debilitating back pain. It has since helped thousands of chronic back pain sufferers permanently rid themselves of their wretched condition.

What do physio’s, chiros do for a Chronic Back Pain Sufferer.

What type of care do you need?
As someone who suffered from severe back pain, that affected the lower and upper back, I had a mixed experience seeing countless physio’s and chiropractors.

97% of Chronic Back Pain is 100% curable.

Find how how your back pain can be fixed
The spine and it’s structures are blamed for chronic back pain, which in the vast majority of cases is an inaccurate diagnosis, one often given to promote unnecessary surgery and prescription of mind altering drugs.

99% of back pain is misdiagnosed

Want to know why you have your back pain?
The majority of back complaints are diagnosed as pain being caused by wear and tear shown on x-rays and MRI’s.

Chronic back pain (>3 months) does not respond to standard medication nor treatment.

Is your Back Pain not responding to mainstream treatment?
Millions of people worldwide are realising with a great deal of angst and frustration that chronic back pain is not cured by medication, it's not cured by standard physio/ chiro treatments, and in a great percentage of cases, it is not cured by surgery.
five ways to prevent and cure back pain

Five Ways To Prevent And Cure Back Pain

Five Ways Of Curing And Preventing Back Pain
The problem of back pain is quite common and affects most people at some point in their life. The magnitude of the problem could vary, but one thing is certain, the discomfort is there.
wheat bag and heating pad for back pain

How Wheat Bag And Heating Pad Can Reduce Back Pain

Can Back Pain Be Reduced By Wheat Bag And Heating Pad
It is quite shocking to see the percentage of people who suffer from back pain. 80% of the total world’s population is going to come in contact with back pain at some point of time. This means that we all are doing something wrong in our lives, which is why we have to deal with back pain.
Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain
Back pain effects 80% of Australians throughout their life and in a lot of these cases there can be steps taken to avoid a large portion of that pain. Although these steps may not rid the body of the more severe cases of back pain overtime they most certainly can. If you are suffering from back pain give some of these helpful tips a go.
Bad Back Pain

Bad Back Pain

Bad Back Pain
Back Pain is one of the worlds leading disabilities. Back Pain is so bad it has reached an epidemic in the western world being responsible for the following statistics.
Treating Back Pain

Treating Back Pain

Treating Back Pain
Lower back pain effects up to 80% of Australians during their lives. Many of which are chronic, ongoing conditions. It is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and the 2nd reason for people visiting doctors each year only followed by respiratory infection.

I Have Been Told I Have Arthritis In The Back, Is There Anything I Can Do?

I Have Been Told I Have Arthritis In The Back, Is There Anything I Can Do?
Arthritis is just medical jargon for joint pain due to inflammation. As with any inflammatory joint pain, if effectively treated, it can be permanently rectified.
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Back Pain

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