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How To Strengthen Your Back

How To Strengthen Your Back
If you have been suffering from chronic lower back pain, you would feel weak, unsupported and unbalanced. What leads to chronic back pain is a lack of synergy with all of your muscles, especially the ones designed to support your back when you move and lift objects.

Lower Back Pain - What Is The Point Of A Diagnosis Without A Solution?

Lower Back Pain - What Is The Point Of A Diagnosis Without A Solution?
Effective lower back pain treatment leads to what chronic back pain sufferers really want.. And that is a permanent end to their wretched back pain. So much time, effort and money is wasted by health professionals desperately searching for the deadly accurate diagnosis of what is causing the patient's back pain.

How do the quadratus lumborum (Q.L) muscles play a role in back pain?

How do the quadratus lumborum (Q.L) muscles play a role in back pain?
The Q.L muscles (quadratus lumborum) are the most common cause or culprit of acute lower back pain.

Failed Back Surgery - what are my options now?

Failed Back Surgery - what are my options now?
Almost all back surgery is avoidable providing the underlying cause, not the symptoms of back pain is addressed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of practitioners and modalities do not address the underlying cause leaving the back sufferer with no known solution other than surgery.

Important steps to manage your back after Lower Back Surgery

Important steps to manage your back after Lower Back Surgery
You need to take action and address the muscular imbalances to ensure your back and the muscles that support it remain strong and functional

Why is there such a high failure rate with lower back surgery?

Why is there such a high failure rate with lower back surgery?
Up to 40% of lower back surgery fails, with some suggesting this figure is higher.

What Is Your Back Muscle Spasm Telling You?

A muscle spasm is an overriding protection mechanism that typically occurs when a muscle or muscle groups are overused, tired and fatigued.
Find out all you need to know about Back Spasms!

8 in every 10 Australians will suffer from back pain throughout their life. Learn why

80% of Australians will suffer Lower Back Pain - Find out why
As a society we fail to move. From a young age, we are spending vast hours of the day bent over an iphone, ipad or parked at a desk focusing in on the screen of our PC.

You must strengthen your back so the pain never returns

Are you sick of seeking different treatment and advice for you ongoing back pain?
You are not alone, hundreds of thousands of people in Australia alone suffer from chronic back pain

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

How to determine and diagnose what is causing your Lower Back Pain
Without fail, almost all lower back pain diagnoses focus on the symptoms, which send patients down a treatment path that also focuses on the symptoms never addressing the cause.

Why is a lower back spasm so painful?

Find out why your back spasm is so painful
The lower back typically goes into spasm as a protective mechanism against further pain or damage to the lower back.

The Health industry fails chronic back pain suffers?

Find out why the health industry fails you and so many others.
The definition of chronic back pain, is pain or dysfunction that prolongs for a period of 3 continuous months.

If you have chronic back pain, it's imperative you see a chronic back pain specialist, not a therapist who focuses on acute back pain. Learn why...

Why you need to see a chronic pain specialist.
There is a lot of confusion inside the health industry as to the differences between various modalities that all claim to assist people suffering from back pain

If lower back pain is just a symptom, then what is the true underlying cause?

Find out the true underlying cause of Lower Back Pain
If the pelvis is tilted forward, one's centre of gravity will be forward of their midline. If their entire upper body was to be forward then that person would walk around with their entire body on the same angle as their pelvic tilt.

Do lower back pain exercises prescribed by therapists actually work?

Find out how and if your lower back exercises will work for you!
Let's look at the most common back pain exercises prescribed by therapists;

Why does my back keep getting inflamed?

What causes ongoing lower back inflammation
The most important factor to note, if your back is not supported, if your pelvis and lumbar spine are not in a neutral position due to poor postural strength and symmetry your back will be under constant load

Muscular weakness is the true cause of back pain.

Find out why muscular weaknesses causes back pain.
The body is designed to move, and move in a functional manner. “Use it or lose it” is the best catch phrase to describe why people get muscular weaknesses that result in chronic back pain.
8 habits to prevent lower back pain

Eight Habits That Can Save You From Lower Back Pain

8 Habits To Prevent Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is also known as lumbago. The problem is quite common in the world we live in, and there are several reasons behind its occurrence. Some of the most common reasons are sitting and /or standing in a bad posture, infections, accident or trauma, tumors and degenerative changes in the spine that occurs with age.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

What is SIJ dysfunction?
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction or simply SIJ is a disorder in the lower back that refers to, too much motion or too little motion throughout the sacroiliac joint. It is an extremely common condition the plagues many Australians each and every year.
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