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About Back Pain Solutions Melbourne

Whether you suffer from Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, have a Bulging Disc or suffer from poor posture we can set you on the path to pain free heath.

What started out as a desire and mission to rid our patient’s bodies of pain quickly became an obsession to help all in need to overcome Back Pain and generalised aches and pains. We have developed a two step program – Solidified Myoneural Manipulation and Neuromuscular Power Training, which use the most advanced techniques to ultimately help your body of chronic and acute pain throughout the body.

Back Solutions Clinics Richmond were created with one simple purpose, delivering the most effective techniques in Back Pain, sciatic pain and pain treatment to help you with your ongoing pain.

Richmond Back Pain Solutions Practitioners

Daniel Rodgers back pain solutions practitiioner

Daniel Rodgers

Chronic pain is Daniel's specialities, treating all types of pain and dysfunction throughout the body including lower back pain and neck pain.

After suffering with chronic back pain earlier in his life, Daniel says ‘Pain and dysfunction are typically present when there are imbalances. If we can restore your biomechanical imbalances your pain can drastically alleviate. By strengthening your body and addressing the weaknesses we take away the causes of your pain'.

Restoring symmetry to the human body will ensure correct functioning is carried out and the pain is eradicated. Daniel carries out this process through Myofascial Neurological Manipulation (MNM) working with the Fascia and the NeuroMuscular System.

In more chronic cases, symmetry can be restored through a combination of hands-on treatment (MNM) and strengthening exercises that address the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. This process includes evaluating your body to find out where weakened areas are that are causing your pain through Neuromuscular Patterning (NMP)

Daniel has worked with a vast range of specialists from around Australia and the World to understand the intricacies of the human body. During this time, Daniel has refined highly effective and predictable treatment methodologies to help his patients. 

Daniel has a sporting background in Australian Rules Football, Rugby and Basketball. Outside of the clinic Daniel has worked with, AFL teams, A-League soccer teams, Australian Open tennis athletes as well as international Olympic athletes. 

Rick Saunders back pain solutions practitiioner

Rick Saunders

In his early twenties, Rick suffered a severe lower back injury playing a high level of Australian Rules Football. Multiple discs were damaged and herniated, strong anti inflammatory drugs and rest were prescribed. After 6 months of rest and consistent physiotherapy the condition gradually got worse. Playing at a high level of sport, meant exposure to the best possible sports doctors and Physiotherapists, however after seeing countless so called specialists - no one could provide a solution to the debilitating back pain that was ruining Rick’s career and life.
Desperate for a solution Rick sought alternative practitioners such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, deep tissue massage - every one knew of a guru who could fix any back.
12 months and over ten of thousand dollars later, trying 47 different practitioners - the only results were short term relief from the pain, only for it to resume within a short few days.  

Studying Health Science at the time Rick made it his mission to find out why he still had severe back pain, at this stage 18 months after the original injury and do everything possible to fix his back and resume his football career. 
Oddly enough at the time, the only relief other than treatment was whilst doing weight training at the gym. The relief lasted for approximately 20-30 minutes after the workout.
Rick decided to carry out his research papers on ‘How to fix lower back pain with strength and resistance training’.

12 months later, despite thousands of hours of study, research and trial and error - nothing more than temporarily relief was experienced - 20-30 minutes, no more. During this time, Rick went and saw 2 AFL club doctors and 3 leading back surgeons.  Of the 5 doctors, 4 were abrupt and advised there was nothing that could be done, ‘give up playing sport and learn to deal with the pain’. 1 of the Sports doctors, at least offered a diagnosis ‘spondylolisthesis’ and advised that playing sport was only possible under large dosages of anti inflammatory drugs - weighing up the long term effect had to be considered.

Upon further research and discussion with mentors, with nothing to lose, Rick decided to carry out a set of back strengthening exercises at an intensity he had previously been to scared to do for fear of doing further damage. It seemed to work, the relief lasted beyond the 20 minutes, for 2-3 days until the pain returned. The better Rick’s technique became the longer the relief lasted and the stronger he felt. After 3 years of debilitating lower back pain, seeing countless so called specialists with no results he was back playing sport at state level within just 4 months of finding this unique approach to solving back pain.
Since then, Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. He has been practicing in private clinic since 2002 specialising in Chronic back and Shoulder pain. Rick’s techniques and approach to chronic back pain has evolved over a 13 year period, with the current success rate at greater than 97%. Of the thousands of Chronic back pain sufferers Rick has helped, almost all of them have told of a similar journey and frustration trying to find a permanent solution to their pain.

Roles outside of clinic:

Western Bulldogs FC
Indian Cricket Team
World XI Cricket Team
Sri Lankan Cricket Team

Elliott Christopher back pain solutions practitiioner

Elliot Christopher

Elliott Christopher is the esteemed co-owner and co-founder of Back Solutions, a leading clinic specializing in the management of chronic back pain. With a remarkable 10 years of experience in the field, Elliott has dedicated his life to ensuring the best possible outcomes for his clients.

As a highly skilled Myotherapist, Elliott possesses a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the musculoskeletal system and its relation to chronic back pain. His comprehensive knowledge and expertise allow him to provide targeted and effective treatment plans that address the underlying causes of his clients' discomfort.

Elliott's commitment to excellence extends beyond his work with everyday individuals. He has had the privilege of working alongside elite athletes and the prestigious Richmond Football Club, further enhancing his skills and elevating his ability to deliver exceptional results. His experience with these high-performance individuals has provided him with invaluable insights into optimizing performance and preventing injuries.

 After suffering from debilitating Migraines himself he then decided he wanted to spend his life working with others who have also dealt with severe Chronic pain. Whilst suffering with Migraines he was forced to miss large chunks of school and football, whilst playing in an elite junior competition. 

In his relentless pursuit of providing the highest standard of care, Elliott remains dedicated to ongoing professional development. He stays abreast of the latest advancements in back care and related fields, consistently integrating evidence-based practices into his treatments. This commitment ensures that his clients receive cutting-edge care that is both safe and effective.

With his unwavering passion for helping individuals reclaim their lives from the clutches of chronic back pain, Elliott Christopher is widely regarded as a trusted authority in the field. Choose Back Solutions to experience a personalized approach that combines Elliott's exceptional skills, extensive experience, and genuine compassion, resulting in transformative outcomes for every client.


To become the world leader and authority in the treatment of back pain.


To help more and more back pain sufferers both locally and globally through a highly replicable treatment methodology. We will achieve our vision by attracting the most dedicated practitioners that are truly aligned with both our methodology and our mission.
Our goal will be to align our team of practitioners to create an environment conducive to:

•    exceptional and consistent standards of treatment
•    ongoing growth and learning
•    leadership within the allied health care community

We address the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms

Please call our Melbourne treatment clinic on 9909 9905 or book online to find out more about our unique approach to your pain.

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