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Disc Pain Treatment

Have you been told you have a :

Bulging disc
Slipped disc
Herniated disc
Degenerative wear and tear to the spine? 

A bulging disc is a symptom of postural imbalance, often built up over a long period of time.

According to Dr Norman Marcus, a leading New York Back Specialist, up to 40% of adults have a herniated disc and experience no pain, up to 70% have degenerative disc and once again, no pain.

The disc is often blamed for chronic lower back cases, and it explains why most back pain sufferers only experience short term temporary relief from the treatment they receive.

At Back Solutions of Richmond, Melbourne we address the root underlying cause of your disc pain.

Our first steps are to eradicate the painful tension in your lower back and ease the pressure on the disc and or nerves that the herniation is affecting.

We then commence to strengthen your body to allow the disc bulge to settle into a pain free position and ensure the pain doesn’t return..

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Sciatica Pain Treatment

Are you experiencing deep seated pain in the buttock region, radiating numbness, tingling down the back of your leg?

You are most likely suffering from Sciatica pain, an extremely painful condition that can be completely debilitating.

Sciatica can be caused by interference to the sciatic nerve in the lower back region, deep in the hip or both.

At Back Solution Clinic we have a unique non invasive method of easing the interference to the sciatic nerve to provide pain reduction.

For chronic sciatic pain sufferers we have a specialised approach to providing lasting relief from your pain. We use two highly specialized treatment methods designed to:

  1. Eradicate the tension deep in your hip and lower back to ease the pressure on the sciatica nerve

  2. Strengthen your body to improve posture and take further pressure/ tension of your hip and lower back.

To learn more about our unique approach to sciatic pain please call today.

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