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Piriformis And Sciatica: What’s The Difference Between The Two Of Them?

Difference Between Piriformis And Sciatica

Sciatica, a term referred to the pain and symptoms being experienced in the largest nerve of the body (Sciatic Nerve), which originates from the lower back of the spine, traveling through the buttocks, back of the thigh and to the feet. The sciatic nerve pain occurs only when there is some irritation in the nerve or the nerve is pinched due to several common causes. The pain can’t be avoided as in future it creates difficulty in movement and becomes a hindrance in one’s daily routine. The sciatic Nerve connects the lower part of the body with the upper part and also helps and support in physical movement of the body like walking, running, sitting standing etc.

The Piriformis is referred to the muscle located deep within the buttocks and plays important role in the running motion of the body. It stabilizes the pelvis and helps in rotating the hip and keeps them in level while running. Often when piriformis symptoms aggravate due to overuse or spasms, it affects the sciatic nerve which runs through the buttocks and also pain occurs in the leg as well as lower back. Piriformis is considered one of the common reasons for the Sciatic Nerve pain to occur and the location of both the problems is almost same. The symptoms or problem faced because of the piriformis ailment is referred to as Piriformis Syndrome. Those who are suffering from sciatica can get the best treatment for Sciatica Melbourne at Back Solutions Clinic. This syndrome is hard to diagnose as it is confused with a herniated disc, sciatica, lower back pain etc.

The common symptoms that are being shared by Sciatica and piriformis syndrome are as follows:

  • -Difficulty in making movements like standing, sitting or walking.
  • -Severe pain the lower back, butt and sometimes extends to the leg.
  • -Numbness and tingling sensation felt in the lower part of the body.
  • -Irritation in the nerves and lower body.
  • -Inflammation.

It has been found that Sciatica is caused by the spine and piriformis is caused when sciatica is present with no discernible spinal cause. Back Solutions Clinic still is able to provide the treatment for Sciatica Melbourne. The piriformis syndrome can be recognized, who has an understanding of the structure and function of the piriformis muscle and its relation with the sciatic nerve. The delay in diagnosing and treating piriformis syndrome leads to a disturbed and bad sciatic nerve pain. Therefore, it is important to find the best providers for the treatment of Sciatica Melbourne and piriformis syndrome. The main known fact all forgets is that Sciatica is a Nerve Condition and Piriformis is a syndrome.

The various treatments for Sciatica Melbourne include surgical and non-surgical methods, of which the non-surgical and effective and tested are as follows:

  • -Heat and ice therapy.
  • -Stretches or stretching exercises, Lower back strengthening and Core area strengthening exercises and also butt exercises.
  • -Massages.
  • -Anti- inflammatory medications and pain relievers.
  • -Steroid injections.
  • -Balanced Healthy diet and control of weight.
  • -Rest and careful body postural movements.

Back Solutions Clinic should be considered in the cases for Sciatica Melbourne, as they are specialized in providing best and most effective treatments.

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