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Eight Habits That Can Save You From Lower Back Pain

8 Habits To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is also known as lumbago. The problem is quite common in the world we live in, and there are several reasons behind its occurrence. Some of the most common reasons are sitting and /or standing in a bad posture, infections, accident or trauma, tumors and degenerative changes in the spine that occurs with age. Lower back pain occurs most commonly due to irritation in the vertebrae, spinal nerves, intervertebral discs or back muscles. Meeting with an accident or lifting something heavy is how most people develop lower back pain. Also, people after crossing a certain age becomes weak. Their bones become weaker and therefore, they can’t withstand any accident or trauma.

Eight of out ten people in this world suffer from lower back problems. If you think you can protect yourself, then you can try, but it is not that easy. There is nothing extraordinary required to trigger lower back pain. A small jerk, wrong lift, slip and fall injury can trigger pain in the lower back, and then, your activities will be restricted for a long period of time. If you want to get relief from lower back pain, then here are eight habits that you need to follow on a regular basis.

1. Avoid sitting for too long

Whether you are sitting in your office or sitting at home, it is important to avoid prolonged sitting. Don’t put pressure on certain parts of your body, or else problems like the lower back pain will occur again and again. After 45-60 minutes, stretch your arms and legs, stand up and take a stroll. Do some stretches in order to ensure proper flow of blood.

2. Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, then you are more likely to suffer from lower back pain as compared to those who don’t smoke. So, try getting rid of this habit as soon as possible. I know it won’t happen instantly, but you can start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke to completely stopping smoking. Smoking can cause your discs to rupture and it also slows down the healing process by reducing the blood flow and the supply of oxygen.

3. Indulge in exercise

Nobody suggests that people suffering from lower back pain should rest all day. On the contrary, it is encouraged that people should take part in physical activities to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Yoga, exercises, and stretches help strengthen the back, so one must try it on a daily basis. Consult Back Solutions Clinic for the issue of lower back pain Melbourne today.

4. Take more Vitamin D and Calcium

To increase the strength of your bones, you must take more calcium and Vitamin D. Include food items in your diet that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D such as green vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, oranges and more. Get a diet chart and fix back pain Melbourne issue .

5. Mind your diet

Eat healthy food that is good for your heart and bones. Avoid fried and sugary food because they won’t have any nutritional value whatsover. Include food that is rich in fiber content and vital nutrients.

6. Avoid lifting heavy loads

Don’t put pressure on your spine by lifting heavy loads. If you have to pick something up, then make sure that the weight is equally spread throughout your body.

7. Change your shoes

Wear shoes that are flexible, lightweight and comfortable. This will put less pressure on your spine and lower back.

8. Add a pillow under your knees while sleeping

When you sleep on your back, you put around 50 pounds of pressure on your spine. With the inclusion of a pillow, that pressure can be reduced up to 50% and also help alleviate lower back pain.

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