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Melbourne Lower Back Pain treatment clinic

If you are like the vast majority of lower back pain sufferers that present to our clinic you are looking for a lasting solution to your pain, not just temporary relief.  

Lower back pain is debilitating, it is mentally draining and stops you doing the things you love. 
Unlike a broken arm that you wear in a sling, chronic lower back is invisible to all around you, however it is ever present and wears you down. 
Most people we see manage their lives around their back pain in fear of making it worse or going into severe spasm. 

At Back Solutions we have a unique treatment approach designed to eradicate the tension in your body allowing pain free movement. This new found movement allows us to prescribe specific exercises that gradually restore the strength and confidence in your body.

No matter how long you have had your back pain or how severe, at Back Solutions we pride ourselves on providing a lasting solution. You won't be placed in the too hard basket or sent off for ongoing scans.  

Like most of the frustrated Lower Back Pain sufferers we see in our Richmond clinic, you too will very quickly be put at ease with a clear, concise explanations as to:

1.    Why you have your Lower Back Pain
2.    Why no one has been able to provide a lasting solution to your lower back pain
3.    What needs to be done to eliminate your back pain and strengthen your body 

You will get a tried and proven treatment for long term chronic Lower Back Pain as well as acute back pain sufferers.
Treatments at our Melbourne clinic are an extremely unique hands on approach (Solidified Myoneural Manipulation - SMM, dedicated to eradicating the build up of tension and guarding present in your lower back and hip regions.

Once symptoms have alleviated with function and movement being restored to your Lower Back region, we then proceed with Neuromuscular Power Training - NMPT.

We pride ourselves on helping people when all other pain removal treatment options have failed.

Please call 9909 9905 today or book online to learn more about our solutions to your Lower Back Pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment FAQ

What are the causes of Lumbar Back Pain?
Some of the most common causes of lumbar, or lower back pain can be due to postural imbalances that build up over a short or long period of time. These muscular imbalances place the lumbar spine, the intervertebral structures and its muscles in a compromised position, which can cause pain and dysfunction.

What causes a Bulging Disc in Lower Back?
If the lower back is placed in a compromised position due to muscular imbalances, over time there will be consistent pressure placed upon the intervertebral lumbar discs away from its aligned position. This constant pressure can eventually lead to the a or multiple discs in the lower back bulging away from its aligned position resulting in a bulged disc.

How do your Melbourne clinics treatment techniques help with Chronic Lower Back Pain relief?
Our unique hands on treatment, Solidfied Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) aims to eradicate the tension present in chronic Lower Back Pain sufferers. We treat the exact spots where you get your pain, and continue to work deeper and deeper freeing up years of painful tension. Our hands on approach gives you the confidence from your very first session that you can overcome your chronic Back Pain.. 

How does Solidified Myoneural Manipulation provide relief for lower back pain?
Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) treatment is dedicated to eradicating tension present in the Lower Back region. It is a multi-facet treatment that has a positive and therapeutic effect on the fascia, muscles, periosteal lining of the bones, the joint and the nervous system. Often one or more of the aforementioned areas are producing your pain. Therefore from experience we find that a treatment technique that addresses all of them simultaneously, provides relief for lower back pain, when other options may have failed to do so.

How does Back Solutions treatment of Lower Back Pain differ from other modalities?
Our treatment addresses the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Chronic Lower Back pain can be due to imbalances that have built up over an extended period of time. Areas of the body can become extremely weak, and other areas are extremely tight. Some modalities, at times only address the areas where you are tight (symptoms) whilst ignoring the areas where you are weak (underlying cause). A large percentage of lower back sufferers say that they feel better after a standard treatment, only for the pain to return quickly soon after. At Back Solutions, our core difference is once we eradicate the areas of tension in your body restoring pain free movement and function, we then proceed to strengthening your body ensuring the pain stays away.

I have received all kinds treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain, why will the Back Solutions treatment approach help me when all others have failed?
Our 2 unique techniques Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) and Neuromuscular Power Training (NMPT) were developed through the process of helping thousands of patiences in the early stages of starting to treat patients. We have replicated this same process with thousands of people, including worldwide athletes, celebrities as well as everyday people experiencing pain with a high success rate.  We pride ourselves on helping people when all other pain removal options have failed.

Can you provide relief for severe Lower Back Pain?
Yes, A large percentage of people receive improved relief from their pain after their initial session. Once you receive relief to the point where pain free movement and function is restored we proceed with our unique process dedicated to strengthening your body through unique exercises as well as NMPT.

Please call 9909 9905 or book online today to learn more about our solutions to your Lower Back Pain.

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Sciatica Pain Treatment

Are you experiencing deep seated pain in the buttock region, radiating numbness, tingling down the back of your leg?

You are most likely suffering from Sciatica pain, an extremely painful condition that can be completely debilitating.

Sciatica can be caused by interference to the sciatic nerve in the lower back region, deep in the hip or both.

At Back Solution Clinic we have a unique non invasive method of easing the interference to the sciatic nerve to provide pain reduction.

For chronic sciatic pain sufferers we have a specialised approach to providing lasting relief from your pain. We use two highly specialized treatment methods designed to:

  1. Eradicate the tension deep in your hip and lower back to ease the pressure on the sciatica nerve

  2. Strengthen your body to improve posture and take further pressure/ tension of your hip and lower back.

To learn more about our unique approach to sciatic pain please call today.

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