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Back Pain



The Most Effective, Pain Targeted Deep Tissue Massage and Myotherapy

Do you have restriction causing your pain? We can help you with fast and lasting relief.

We are trusted by AFL, NRL, International Tennis Players, Undisputed UFC Champions of the world, Olympian athletes as well and international preformers when they visit Australia.

We have an extremely unique form of bodywork that targets the solidified connective tissue causing your pain, dysfunction, and restriction.
It is the beeswax product in preference to oil that we use which allows us to grip onto, stretch and release the taut, restricted areas causing your pain and dysfunction.

Your session will commence with a thorough postural examination which we will use in conjunction with the feedback you give us to the exact areas causing your pain.

You will feel the painful, taut areas gradually dissipate and relax as we progressively work deeper through the layers of solidified connective tissue (knots/fascia).

After your treatment you will notice an immediate increase in pain free movement and a general feeling of lightness to the previously painful, congested region/s of your body.  

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage and Myotherapy performed by one of practitioners

•    Identifying long term injuries and pain
•    Improving posture 
•    Increased flexibility and mobility
•    Releasing pain and tension (Athletes and office workers)
•    Reduction in stress
•    Boosts the immune system.
•    Breaks down scar tissue from previous injuries.

If you would like an improvement and lasting relief from your pain, please call 99099905 or book online to reserve your treatment today.

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Back Pain

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