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Standard physio and chiro does not strengthen your back, hence why the pain continues to return

There are two core elements to chronic back pain

Standard physio and chiro does not strengthen your back, hence why the pain continues to return


As chronic back pain specialists we see countless patients who have spent years receiving standard physio and chiro treatments in the hope of finding a lasting solution to their condition.


The treatment techniques and the exercises (if even prescribed) do not address the fundamental underlying cause of chronic debilitating back pain.


There are two core elements to chronic back pain

  1. Tight, restricted structures such as joints, muscles and connective tissue
  2. Weakened/ non functioning postural muscles integral to the support of the back


The typical cycle for chronic back pain is as follows


  1. Postural muscles weaken over a period of time rendering the person vulnerable to a back injury  
  2. An innocuous action or movement sends the back into a painful spasm.
  3. Restriction during and after the spasm further weakens the muscles that support the back
  4. The painful back spasm typically eases on average after 1-3 days.
  5. Standard physio or chiro sessions are sought out to ease the residual pain causing tension.
  6. Compensatory movement patterns follow as the back suffer now attempts to protect the back to prevent recurrent spasms.  
  7. Any follow up physio or chiro continues to address the tight, restricted structures while completely overlooking the underlying cause of the back spasm.


We literally see thousands of chronic back pain patients each year who fall into the above category and are looking for an alternative approach to their condition.


The techniques carried out with standard physio and chiro focus on the symptoms of chronic back pain, not the underlying cause. No amount of spine or joint manipulation, mobilisation or soft tissue treatment will address weakened postural muscles and set in compensatory movement patterns.


The exercises prescribed in standard physio and chiro most typically focus once again on the symptoms. No amount of stretching tight painful muscles, joint mobility work will ever strengthen weakened postural muscles.


Yet countless people come into our clinic confused and frustrated after spending countless hours stretching each day in an attempt to overcome their back pain and prevent further muscle spasms.


If the postural muscles that support the back were strong and functional then excess load would not be placed on the back muscles, completely avoiding painful tension to the back muscles, joints and connective tissue. Which would completely avoid pointless hours spent each week on muscle stretching and joint mobilisation.


Weak postural muscles are the true underlying cause of lower back pain. Strengthening these muscles and restoring postural symmetry is the solution to ending chronic back pain for good.

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